Social Gaming Revenue May Pass $5 Billion By 2015

Zynga Facebook games

Remember just yesterday, when we wrote that hey, the big mobile money isn’t in apps but in straightforward information-delivery services based on texting?  Well, that’s still true, but we could probably fan the entrepreneurial fire a bit if you’re willing to adjust your interpretation of “big.”

While it won’t help you control a quarter of Kenya’s GDP, social gaming — which already had more than $1 billion in revenue last year — is on track to be worth $5 billion or more by 2015.  Better get cracking on your new and improved FarmVille.

Do all of these games look terribly familiar?

Zynga, which created FarmVille as well Facebook’s other most popular games, controls the biggest stake of the Facebook social gaming market, with 184 million of the 250 million monthly active users.  And the company has been using their huge market share to build promotional relationships with brands like McDonald’s, contributing to the overall worth of social gaming.  But whether Zygna will hold onto its majority share by 2015 remains unclear, since companies like Disney have been snapping up Facebook developers to get their own games installed in the Facebook gaming network.

The clear message: If you’re marinating on a bigger, better version of Hotel City, then there’s no time like the present to roll it out.

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