Online Retailer of the Week: Wear Ever You Are

Wear Ever You Are

For online shoppers suffering from Google exhaustion, a young Frenchwoman named Leslie Sulman may have developed just the antidote.  Sulman launched Wear Ever You Are in November last year as a curation tool for those seeking international clothing and accessories.

The site, which at its most basic is a very refined search engine, has about 330 online stores and 500 designers handpicked by Sulman from around the world. All the merchandise is aggregated to help shoppers hunt down specific items at various websites.  Different tag lines pepper the site: “Shop off the beaten track,”  “Find the stores you’re looking for.”

What we like is the distinctly global view and the unusual search categories — looking for a concept store featuring young designers that ships to Belgium?  Wear Ever You Are can help you.  Search results, besides linking to the relevant sites, also show return policies and the countries to which the store will ship — a helpful touch.

For inspiration, a newsfeed on the site’s homepage shows magazine-esque spreads featuring various trends, outfits, and designers, with links to buy (Sulman posts these herself every day).  We particularly like Square Bags and How to Wear the Denim Jumpsuit?  (The site is in English and it’s sometimes just a touch off, in a charming way.)  Like the search engine itself, the media component helps promote younger designers alongside established brands.  A post on silver, for instance, showcases a Balenciaga bag next to a ring from a line called C&L Unbranded.  Until now, we’d certainly heard of it.

Wear Ever You Are asks visitors to register for a free account, but registration isn’t necessary to access the site.  Registering, however, enables users to save stores to a profile and share them through Facebook and Twitter — thereby completing the triumvirate for an appealing online business: a site that seamlessly integrates its purpose (search) with original media content and a social component.

Since the site is fairly young, and Sulman is continuing to add stores and brands to its growing directory, we’ll be keeping track of the online guide’s trajectory (and checking out Sulman’s daily fashionable posts for sartorial inspiration).