Motilo Adds Video/Social Component to Online Shopping


Online shopping is typically a solitary act — but one new startup is trying to change that. Using web cams and a chat-like browser window, Motilo allows you to share your web shopping experience with your friends, in real time.

Sofia Barattieri di San Pietro, the site’s founder and CEO, told Fashion Etc., “Motilo, as a concept, started when my best friend and business partner, Maysoune Ghobash, and I realized there was no online platform where friends could shop together…It is the first platform where the shopping is fully integrated with the social media aspect and people can shop together in real time.”

Sign up for the service and you’re prompted to add friends to your network. Once your friends are signed up, you can select whom you want to chat with via web cam. While you’re chatting, you can create “looks” with Motilo’s Polyvore-like cut-and-paste tool to share and save.

According to Vanessa Friedman of the Financial Times, “[Motilo] will make [its] money by taking a cut of each sale at each site (6-10%), and eventually advertising.”

Social shopping is a huge trend right now, and many sites like Fashism and Google’s Boutiques are hoping to change the way consumers browse (and buy). Motilo is a good idea, but is it that much easier than simply IMing or Gchatting shopping links to your friends? Does it sound like something you would use?