Ikea Creates Elaborate April Fools' Prank


Image via MSNBC’s PhotoBlog

The creatives at Ikea Australia are having a good time this April Fools’ day. They designed, built, photographed and made a video of a prototype for a “doggy high chair” named the Hundstol, then distributed the images and a release to the Australian media.

The video features “Alvar Karlsson,” a heavily-accented blond man with glasses, describing his reasons for designing the chair. “Not only is the dog a part of the family, they’re like a trial run for kids. So we started looking at pet furniture needs.” he explains. The blue chair features a hole for a dog’s tail, grippy pads for its front paws, and a dish tray to hold its food and water.

Several print, radio and television outlets were fooled into covering the Hundstol, while the chain’s Aussie Facebook fans seemed to get the joke pretty quickly.

Ikea’s not the only retailer pranking people today. Gift site ThinkGeek always rolls out fake products for April Fools’; today, their offerings include Angry Birds Pork Rinds (“Delicious crispy pork rinds made from dead pigs”), Arsenic-Based Sea Monkeys and Star Wars Lightsaber Popsicles.