Gilt City Launches Slick New Editorial Site

City Unlisted

In their ongoing campaign to get you buying the finer things in life, Gilt Groupe’s Gilt City has just launched a slick-looking editorial arm called City Unlisted.  While still in beta form, it’s already got content covering topics from caviar to fancy chocolate Easter eggs, along with a New York-centric event listings page called the Romp.

At points, the site is pretty cheeky — a post on restaurant recommendations starts off with musings from the author, who goes by the alias CityMouse, and reports on the general doings around the Gilt City office.  An indicative sample quote: “CityMouse knew he was among kindred spirits from the day he saw the office fridge was stocked with sauvignon blanc.”

Though the content so far seems cultural-newsy focused, the focus will be on food, to support Gilt City’s new culinary push (which, so far, seems separate from the upcoming Gilt Taste site). The flash sale giant recently hired Lee Schrager, who created the New York and South Beach Wine & Food Festivals, as a lifestyle adviser.  In conjunction with curating sales for upscale dining experiences, he’ll also write a City Unlisted column, called ‘Table Talk with Lee Schrager,’ that discusses the culinary world in general.

What’s cool is that the column will be interactive — Lee will be taking questions on restaurants and food via Gilt City’s Twitter account, which is a clever way to get customers engaged.  The site is already worth a read — the playful tone and good-looking layout seem intended to up the ante on branded media content, which (as we’ve said before and will say again!) is becoming de rigueur these days.

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