Don't Plan A Wedding – Buy It Pre-Made On Gilt City

Gilt City Del Posto wedding

Gilt City’s all-inclusive wedding package doesn’t require a wedding planner, or any planning at all, really.

Hot on the heels of Costco’s million-dollar engagement ring, here’s the second-best wedding-related retail gimmick we’ve seen all week. For those of you planning your nuptials with a mint to spend and no time (or if you’re just not the sentimental type) Gilt City, as part of Gilt Groupe’s wedding week, is offering an all-inclusive wedding package for up to 100 guests at swanky Manhattan eatery Del Posto.  The price tag: $30,000.  (Depending on how much you hate planning, that’s not so unreasonable.)

Unfortunately, you can’t actually buy this wedding, because it’s sold out.  (But there’s always the wait list!)  So while you enter your wedding planner back into your phone’s speed-dial, let’s take a look at what thirty grand would get you and a hundred of your loved ones:

  • First and foremost, you get the location.  And someone else to set up and break down the chairs!
  • A cocktail reception
  • Four-course dinner
  • Open bar
  • The wedding cake — how many tiers are not specified
  • Linens
  • The Del Posto house band, plus dance floor
  • A bridal suite, for getting ready.  Grooms, we guess you’re on your own.  Which you probably would have been, anyway.

The package includes just about everything except hired wranglers to deal with drunk and/or mean in-laws.  The only drawback we can see is the dates (which, again, are only available in wait list form now, anyway) – they’re restricted to June, July, and August.  Sure, June is traditional wedding season, but if your wedding date was in 2 months, we’d bet you’ve already secured a venue.  Still, if you’re in a four-star restaurant for the entirety of the event, maybe it’s worth canceling your original plans?

We’re looking forward to tracking the copycat all-inclusive wedding deals, because given the popularity of sales like this, we’d imagine they have a strong future ahead of them.

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  1. Hugo

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