Could Gilt Groupe Sell Experiences?

Gossip Girl on Gilt Groupe

Flash sale site pacesetter Gilt Groupe is offering an interesting sweepstakes — the chance to win “a day in the life of Gossip Girl.”  The promotion, which includes a stay at New York’s Empire Hotel, a spa visit, and $1,000 shopping spree, is a part of Gilt’s upcoming Gossip Girl-themed boutique, which launches on April 25.

If you want to buy the clothes, why not the lifestyle along with it?  At least for a day…

While having the show’s costume director, Eric Daman, curate flash sales for Gilt seems like both a good idea and a little bit too 2009 (when was the last time you tuned in to Gossip Girl?), what’s really caught our eye is the sweepstakes itself.  We wonder if it could be a harbinger of a new kind of sale altogether — what if Gilt Groupe launched experiential sales?  Because, while we’re sure the chance to win “the ultimate Gossip Girl experience” (for which one registers on Gilt’s Facebook page) will have plenty of enthusiastic entrants, there’s only one lucky recipient.  And yet the package seems like something die-hard fans would be willing to pay for.  In a way, it has a predecessor — it reminds us of the Sex and the City tour, but more involved.

After all, Gilt already offered an all-inclusive wedding package in conjunction with its wedding-themed week of sales.  So why not offer experiential shopping in tandem with related clothing and accessories sales?

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