Banana Republic Promotes New ABC Sitcom

Banana Republic promotes HE

Here’s a twist on standard product placement: Banana Republic is currently promoting a new ABC sitcom, “Happy Endings”, because the show’s characters are outfitted in B.R. garb.

The retailer has posted video interviews with the show’s costume designer and a link to shop the related looks on its website.  The only trouble is, the show doesn’t air until April 13.  So how can people shop looks inspired by a show they haven’t actually seen yet?

We like stripes, even if we have no idea what this Happy Endings business is about…

Overall, B.R.’s promotion is a fine idea — provide part of the wardrobe for a new television series, help promote the show (and your clothes), and make it easy for viewers to be converted into shoppers by showing them where and how to buy what they liked on TV.  However, we’re skeptical of the timing — launching your promotional site before the show even airs seems like putting the cart before the horse.  We hope that’s the case, anyway, because this online cross-promotion technique could be a harbinger of things to come. Call it a weird relative to fashion’s increasingly quick trip from the runway and into women’s closets.

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