Weekly High Lows: Uniqlo Head Gives Funds to Japan Earthquake Relief

jon kessler for exhibition a


  • Uniqlo president Tadashi Yanai has already donated $17 million toward Japan’s earthquake relief efforts — and $12.2 million of that came out of his personal fortune.  [Time]
  • Lithuania made a national fragrance, appropriately called the “Scent of Lithuania” (come on, that’s kind of cool).  [WWD]
  • Buying art online is a new, and increasingly accepted, frontier that’s dismantling the cold image of the inaccessible gallery.  [High Low]

You can buy this limited edition piece by Jon Kessler off the internet.  Kessler also has work at MoMA and the Whitney Museum.


  • Jockey is now making “Staycool” underwear for women, which is intended to do actually what it sounds like.  [fashionista]
  • Groupon and its ilk might be causing problems for regular retailers, by converting many normal customers to “coupon customers.”  [NYT]
  • In retail, “shopper extremism,” in which consumers go after either high-priced luxury brands or low-end discounted items, is leading to tough times for middle tier retailers like Gap and Ann Taylor.  [High Low]

The model isn’t cool because of her underwear, she’s cool because she’s outside in the snow, in her underwear.