Weekly High Lows: Dior Chief Uses Runway to Address Galliano's Crazy

Plus-size model Tara Lynn appears in French Elle

Plus-size model Tara Lynn appears in French Elle


  • This is probably a first – Sidney Toledano, the chief of Dior, used the runway to eloquently address the house’s now former head designer’s fall from grace.  (Forbes)
  • Say farewell to daily deal confusion/saturation.  Bing developed a handy aggregator for site like Groupon, Living Social, and the rest of their ilk.  (Bing)
  • The data is in: Not only does including real-life women in their pages not hurt fashion magazines, it even helps boost their numbers.  (The High Low)

Plus-size model Tara Lynn in French Elle


  • Ugg, indeed.  The company is launching a luxury collection for which prices start at $500.  Are they sprinkling the sheep’s feed with gold dust? (Racked)
  • John Galliano apologized for his crazy rant.  Yes, he’s still going to trial.  (WSJ)
  • Speaking of rants, “I got tiger blood” was just meant for a t-shirt: With Charlie Sheen’s meltdown came the inevitable slew of commemorative merchandise.  (The High Low)

If a celebrity has a pubic meltdown and nobody makes t-shirts, did the meltdown ever really happen?