Valpak Launches '3-D Coupon' App


Coupon-clipping, one of the unsexiest domestic activities out there, has become a legitimately hot tech trend. Local deal sites like Groupon and LivingSocial are raking in billions of dollars and have spawned legions of imitators — including Facebook, which has rolled out its own discount engine.

Now Valpak, a company best known for its thick blue envelopes full of coupons (that somehow land in your mailbox on a regular basis), has come out with a surprisingly forward-thinking app that alerts consumers to coupons at nearby businesses. The twist: It works in real time, using geo-location to serve up relevant offers.

Screengrab of the Valpak app in action via Ubergizmo.

Users download the app and then, once it’s loaded, look through the viewfinder of their phone. As they scan around, the app populates the screen with offers that lay on top of stores and restaurants that appear on their screen.

While it may have a reputation as being old-school, Valpak is using a sophisticated “augmented reality” platform developed by junaio to offer the service. It’s a cool idea, and one that is catching on all over the place — everyone from the Copenhagen Airport to Miami U is trying out augmented reality applications. If you think your smartphone is indispensable now…