In Fashion Web Series, Bloggers Are The New Models

Olsenboye blogger webisode

Olsenboye, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s tween mass market clothing line, exclusive to J.C. Penney, is promoting its spring collection through a series of webisodes.  The six-installment series launches today on and the Olsenboye Website.  Because the promotion is part of a broader social media push for the brand, the webisodes will show young fashion bloggers, rather than models or actresses, wearing Olsenboye clothes.  During the series’ run through the end of April, the campaign will also be gifting other bloggers with the brand’s clothing, so presumably they’ll be promoting the line, too.

The first of the weekly episodes features Olivia Lopez, an 18-year-old student behind ‘I’ve got a lust for life.’ She and her fellow webisode stars, like any good teen fashion bloggers, talk about their style inspirations, and will guest blog for Olsenboye until the series is over.  Following the news that women respond well to ads featuring retailers’ actual employees, perhaps marketing to tweens by getting a brand’s clothes onto real young women, is a logical step to appeal to that young demographic – while also banking on the proven success of turning normal people into brand ambassadors.