Four Ways To Develop A Signature Look


Anna Wintour has her bob, sunglasses, and arch attitude.  Michael Jackson had his glove.  So what’s your look?

Developing a distinct personal style by no means requires a reserved seat at Fashion Week.  But if you don’t know how to get a look going without feeling like a sartorial rip-off, read on for tips on head-turning, self-defining fashion.

1. Emphasize the things you already love

Of course you’ve got preferences when it comes to clothes, accessories, makeup, and hair.  The key to owning a distinct style is to enhance and highlight what you already like until those things become synonymous with you.

Tip:  If you already have a hundred cozy scarves to keep you warm in winter, extend the look through spring and summer with lighter-weight options in linen and silk. Prefer to have your hair pulled back at all times?  Then wear it in an of-the-moment side braid or topknot.

2. Start small

Your signature style doesn’t have to entail a head-to-toe overhaul.  That’s what accessories are for. And lipstick.  Starting with the details gives you breathing room to develop the look – and saves your bank account from any major sartorial experiments gone awry.

Tip: Experiment with a few small statements, like a bold red lip or chunky bracelets, bright colored shoelaces or a pair of glasses a little larger than your average horn-rims.  Gauge the responses you get and either keep the adjustment small or expand on it even more.

3. Pick a theme

A signature look might encompass a larger theme as opposed to one specific item. Take a tip from Leandra Medine at Man Repeller, who mixes up her wardrobe every day, but is dedicated to “outfitting oneself in a sartorially offensive way.”

Likewise, you can embrace a bohemian feel, a sexy retro throwback, a layered urbanite look, etc.

Tip:  Analyze the fashions to which you’re already drawn.  Love how you look in flattering flare jeans?  Then give seventies styling a modern twist.  If you’re inspired by rich, exotic prints, look for loose, flowing shirts and scarves that take their inspiration from India, the Caribbean, or elsewhere.

4. Be adaptable

Celebs often adopt looks they hang onto forever — think Donald Trump and the comb-over/beehive hybrid.  But it’d be better to follow someone like Jennifer Aniston on this one.  Even she didn’t keep the “Rachel” hair beyond its peak.

There’s no requirement to commit to a single personalized style for life (how fun would that be?).  Maybe your old style becomes too ubiquitous, or you’re just ready to try something new.   Hey, go for it.  Take a page from Madonna’s book: while known for her ’80s glam get-ups and lacy, fingerless gloves, throughout her career she’s also owned gothic geisha, country casual, and old-Hollywood glamour.

Tip: Mix and match and get inspired anew each season. Try some colors you wouldn’t normally wear.  Maybe your key look will be your adaptability in itself.

Disclosure:  This is sponsored content provided by Lucky Brand Jeans.