Fashism's App Gets A Major Upgrade

fashism mobile

Last week we profiled Fashism, the online go-to for soliciting style advice.  Today, the company announced an upgrade to their mobile app, adding several new aspects:

  • Using Foursquare’s open API, Fashism users can tag the photos they upload while shopping with info like the store name, its location, and the brands they’re trying on.
  • After users upload an image and create a post, they can use a new sharing component to send a text with a direct link to invite others to view and comment on that post (the links also work for email, Facebook, and Twitter).
  • When users tag their location while out and about, a “nearby” button lets them see what other Fashism members have tried on at retailers close by.
  • An “augmented reality” feature for the app will show Fashism’s highest-rated outfits at any nearby store.

We checked in with Fashism’s founder and CEO, Brooke Moreland, about the launch and the Fashism community’s response:

We did an entire redesign of the app and a new site design. Things went smoothish, I’d say. There is always stuff you don’t account for in technology, it’s always a work in progress. And most of our users love the new look, but some people are just resistant to change…and they aren’t shy about telling us!

And the upgrade isn’t over yet — Moreland says, “we will continue to roll out new features over the next few weeks, so the site will just get better and better.”