Even Frederick's of Hollywood Is Now Editorial


While many a retailer has recently founded new editorial content online, Frederick’s of Hollywood is taking their media initiative a step further. Instead of just an online magazine filled with branded content, the lingerie icon is launching a physical magalogue this week — half magazine, half catalogue.

The magalogue consists of a 36-page mailer intended to showcase the brand’s prurient underthings while enhancing and, er, supporting the company’s lifestyle image.  The magalogue will have an initial circulation of about one million, with a new edition coming out each month starting this fall.

Hope Brick, the company’s merchandising senior VP, explained to WWD that the magalogue provides a means to articulate how, for example, Frederick’s “interpreted streetwear into intimate apparel offerings.” New trends for the company to showcase include metallics and biker chic, and Brick also has high expectations for traditional underwear standards, including a bridal category.  (In the new mailer, the bridal section will be aptly named “Oh Yes, I Do.”)  Personally, we’d love to see how a biker jacket could be reinterpreted as a bra — which means we’ll be getting our hands on the first edition of the Frederick’s magalogue.  Oh…looks like this marketing tool is working already.

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