Cosmetics Brand Uses Un-Retouched Ads


Retouching has become both the savior and the bete noire of advertising/media — on the one hand, people want their flawless, wrinkle-and-cellulite-free models on mag covers and billboards. But on the other hand, the extent of retouching done these days (and the ease of revealing it on the Internet) can make consumers feel “duped,” and drive Internet readers into fits of outrage.

Into this stewpot steps Make Up For Ever, a professional-turned-consumer cosmetics line. The company has announced a new advertising campaign that hasn’t been put through the retouching ringer.  In fact, the absence of the retoucher’s wand is stated right on the ad, and they even offer a notarized statement in case you think they’re lying.  MUFE will also be launching a site with video and other footage from the ad’s shoot.

The lack of retouching is, in a way, part of the advertising itself — the idea is that the line’s new HD Invisible Cover Foundation (which the ad is for) is so effective, the model doesn’t need to be retouched (and thus, neither would you if you were wearing it).

MUFE’s new ad seems inspired by the celebrity mini-trend of posing without makeup or retouching, and we’ll be watching to see whether it, in turn, sparks more ads of its kind.

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