Bluefly Launches New Online-Shopping Game


Online retailer Bluefly has teamed up with Badgeville to launch a new social gaming platform for their shoppers.  The badge-driven system lets you earn badges for watching videos, creating product wish lists, writing reviews of items for sale, and reading blog posts.  The higher the quality of badges you earn, the more access to new products and special discounts you get. The idea behind it all, of course, is to engage customers with each other and with the site.

What seems likely to make this particular form of “gaming” successful is that it’s predicated on what Bluefly’s shoppers — already a large and loyal group — would be doing anyway.  Bluefly already has a blog.  Making a wish list online is fairly de rigueur these days.  And as long as the videos are interesting or pretty, who wouldn’t want to check them out?  To zero in on what’s already the norm, and then magnify consumers’ habits by turning them into a big game, is genuinely clever (just look at what this strategy did for Foursquare).

If this game takes off, Bluefly will be a trendsetter, which would only benefit shoppers.  After all, customers should be rewarded for being so engaged.