Bing Launches Online Deals Aggregator, Beats Google


With the proliferation — and runaway popularity — of online deals sites like Groupon, Living Social, Yipit,, and more comes an overabundance of choice — and frankly, all these new deal sites are getting confusing.  Who can keep track of all the spa days, dim sum specials, wine tastings, the list goes on? What we need is an independent aggregator of the daily offerings from all of these sites combined — and sure enough, Bing has now become the first to create it, beating Google to the punch.

Offering both desktop and mobile versions, Bing’s aggregation system filters information by the “best deal” (read: steepest discount) as well as location (down to within a few blocks of the user), and it can also include categories and keywords.  The mobile version seems well-organized and frankly, quite useful.  Using the aggregator on a desktop is slightly different, in that the deals are shown through Bing’s search.  If a business has a deal, Bing just lists it right along with basic information about the store or retailer.

Bing’s deal launch is yet another confirmation that despite Groupon’s recent PR stumble, the online coupon site and its brethren, with their “amazing daily deals,” are becoming permanent fixtures in the consumer landscape.