Things You Can Buy Online Now: Marijuana?


Just about every retail product is now available on the Internet in some form or another. And for nearly every item you can purchase, there’s likely to be a coupon service to help/incite you to buy it. Including, apparently, marijuana. reports that a new site called has popped up to assist e-consumers looking for the best deals on pot (exclusively in states in which it is legal to purchase, of course). The site offers plenty of deals and promotions, including a just-launched Daily Deals program, in which buyers can find discount coupons that let you save up to 60% at participating dispensary locations — and unlike group sale sites like Groupon, no advance purchase is required.

The site is intended for people using pot for medicinal purposes — and “participating dispensary locations” is a fancy way of saying “we will only promote sales at legal pot-selling operations” (though it’s unclear whether you actually need a doctor’s prescription in order to buy the pot).  Nonetheless, the savings are pretty steep — the “deals from dealers” out there include an offer for a free gram of marijuana if you spend $30 or more.

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