The Top 3 Ways to Kill a Casual Look

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There’s a lot more to casual than elastic-extravagant sweatpants and oversize T-shirts that tell everyone you don’t own color-safe bleach. Here are the top three most common casual-clothing conundrums.

1. Wearing Clothing That’s Too Big

Unless you’re on your way to lift weights, or you’ve just acquired a bad case of mono, giant, baggy clothing isn’t your best choice. Every body type is flattered by clothing that fits appropriately. The right fit will make you look polished and put together, even while you’re lounging on the sofa.

Try wearing a fitted T-shirt and some bootcut jeans instead of the cotton hammer-pants you’re usually compelled to slip on. You’ll look healthier, happier, and ready for more than watching a Tuesday night made-for-TV movie. A fitted T-shirt should gently follow the contours of your body and allow for comfortable mobility. Jeans should be tight enough to celebrate your shape, without distorting it with any mid-section pinching. For a ready-for-spring look, choose bright and light tees that will keep you cool in the sunshine.

2. Forgetting to Accessorize

Just because you’re keeping it comfy doesn’t mean you should ignore the concept of accessories. You can make any comfy-chic look current with a long necklace or a chunky brown leather belt. Just got up from a nap (or look like you did)? Disguise any  disheveled residue with a trendy hat. Fedoras look great with flowy tunics, and a classic baseball hat can really, er, cap off an outdoor look. Make sure you try on a variety of styles to find one that compliments your noggin—not every hat is designed for every head.

3. Abandoning Prints

Any look is transformed with the expressive personality of prints. A gray sweatshirt goes glam with a few stripes or a floral print. When you’re getting cozy with a couple layers, reach for a zip sweater or sweatshirt with feminine details and a versatile pattern. Prints look great on tops worn with jeans and sneakers, or a simple cotton dress with flats.

For extra credit, take your look one step further by adding pizazz with a parka or a fine-gauge knit pullover with large stripes.

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