The Fashion Industry’s Newest Craze: Tumblr


Yesterday, Mashable published a trend piece on the rush of fashion brands to the micro-blogging platform Tumblr. Companies like Kate Spade, Oscar de la Renta, and Alexander McQueen, not to mention magazines like Vogue, V, and Elle have recently created Tumblr accounts.

Rich Tong, Tumblr’s newly-appointed fashion director, has arranged for 20 fashion-focused Tumblr-ers to attend Fashion Week, and has created a channel,, to broadcast their content. As Tong said to Fashionista last month, “I’ve never seen a community with such an appetite for content. They just love looking at photos. If you give them 100, they want 1,000.”

Vogue on Tumblr

Mashable states that even more major brands and retailers are “planning to launch Tumblr blogs in the near future.” We predict that department stores will turn to Tumblr soon as a way to reach a new generation of customers for whom direct mail catalogs don’t hold much appeal. And we’d be surprised if the tech-savvy types at Madewell and Ralph Lauren aren’t readying Tumblr blogs as we speak.

Like Twitter, Tumblr is a fast and easy way to interact with fans and share links and, most of all, photos — making it ideal for fashion brands, which are already visually-driven. Akin to branded editorial content, Tumblr is a channel that brands can harness to spread their own content and messaging. It’d be stupid not to take advantage of it.

[Disclosure: Kate Spade is owned by Liz Claiborne, Inc., the financial sponsor of this site.]