Marc Jacobs Now Soliciting Job Seekers on Twitter

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is looking for a social media staffer, and he’s soliciting for the job on Twitter. The designer, whose current Twitter feed was started by his business partner of 26 years, Robert Duffy, has asked potential applicants to tweet at him “for a chance at the job.”

And he’s dead serious: “We are interviewing only people who are tweeting us. Be clever. Smart. Understand our DNA. Say it in one tweet! That is your interview!” Marc Tweeted on Sunday. Today, he posted the following:

Tweeting in this place is stressful. Afraid to say the wrong thing. Robert wants me to be honest. Until I don’t agree. Someone replace me soon.

Pressure aside, the job sounds like a pretty great gig. Marc has promised competitive pay, relocation reimbursement, health insurance, a clothing allowance, and lots of travel. You have 140 characters to capture his attention. “Save the qualification tweets. All we want is to laugh and smile by your amazing tweets. Get creative!” the designer remarked on Sunday.

So what would you tweet to MJ? And, perhaps more importantly, do you think this is a good way to go about hiring someone?