How to Wear 5 Spring Fashion Trends

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Fashion may be cyclical, but no cutting-edge consumer wants to look lost in last decade’s trends. This spring will come along with a heavy emphasis on the swinging ’70s, making the risk of a full-on fashion flashback greater than ever. Here’s a guide to keeping your flares, platforms, and other throwbacks young, fresh, and indubitably stylish.

1. Flares

Fitted and flirty, this season’s flares have an entirely contemporary vibe. By keeping your bell bottoms slim through the hips, thighs, and knees, you immediately create a head-turning, mile-long silhouette — and steer very clear of frumpy.

Wear with: Simple flats or sexy, stacked sandals that will let your legs go on and on. . . and on.
Avoid: Chunky, closed-toed shoes and sporty sneakers that’ll weigh you down and create an “elephant feet” effect.

2. Billowy tops

Nothing marks the arrival of spring like flowing blouses in bright colors and fresh fabrics. Avoid tent-like tops that are tight around the chest and wide around the waist. Rather, look for a consistent shape from top to bottom that will keep your torso and hips looking svelte. Spice up the traditional top with a deep V-neck or an elastic waist.

Wear with: Jeans that are slim through the hips and thighs, so your whole look isn’t billowy.
Avoid: Any skirt longer than a mini. Anything knee-length or A-line is bound to be a flowy fashion mess, suitable only for a sunburn.

3. Platforms

Platforms have been everywhere from the red carpet to the rodeo, but, when coupled with more than one ’70s style, the look can turn very easily from “Saturday night on the town” to Saturday Night Fever.

Our best advice: Pick out the platforms you love, but avoid looking like you’re on your way to a costume party.

Wear with: Platforms are adorable with nearly every outfit, but they get a boost when matched with skinny jeans, a skirt, or shorts.
Avoid: Platforms + flares are perfectly acceptable, but take a look in the mirror on your way out the door — and make sure John Travolta isn’t looking back.

4. Denim on denim

It’s back, and the look is better than ever. And don’t you dare think that denim tops are reserved for men only: chambray button downs and sassy jean jackets are being paired with feminine bottoms for a look that is one part throwback, all parts stylish. As long as you: 1) keep your double denims in different hues, 2) avoid any cowboy accoutrement, and 3) accent with ultra-feminine jewelry and handbags, you’ll be strutting the streets looking dazzling.

Wear with: Sparkling jewels and slinky, cross-body purses will keep your look demure and delicious.
Avoid: Cowboy boots, checkered handkerchiefs, and trucker hats. Please.

5. Bermuda shorts

There’s more than one way to be sexy in shorts: teeny-tiny is not the only option. Right-above-the-knee Bermuda shorts add a few extra inches of warmth on chilly spring mornings, and can make your legs look great. Keep them dark and form fitting, and you will be able to dress them up and down as you desire.

Wear with: Big, sexy wedges or comfy flats – just about everything looks good with a Bermuda.
Avoid: Too-long, flowing tops. The proportions will give off a dowdy vibe that flatters no one.

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