D&G Fashion Show Features Livestream Comments


Dolce & Gabbana, which has already embraced Twitter and Facebook (updates from both are scattered around their site’s slick homepage), beat the press to the punch yesterday at their Winter 2012 womenswear show in Milan. D&G invited the audience to join a dedicated wi-fi network through which they could comment on the looks they were seeing – and those comments were streamed directly onto monitors next to the models heading down the runway.   The commentary also went up on screens around the Metropol, the building in Milan where the show was held.

With this move, the fashion house took a lap around mere livestreaming, practically turning their show — which also was screened on their Web site — into a living blog post.  Commenters could also join in through Facebook and Twitter (check out 9:46 on the official video, in which the cameras pan away from the models to reveal the comment “so nice…” preceded by a Facebook tag).

By inviting comments and tacking them onto the show directly, D&G essentially circumvented media reaction, showing off instantaneously what audience members would presumably be writing up later, anyway.  Granted, the wi-fi network required a name or nickname to log in – we wonder if this lack of anonymity encouraged commenters to play nice.