Weekly High Lows: Wal-Mart Turns Healthy, Justin Beiber Gets Store


• Wal-Mart plans to make the food on its shelves more healthy by cutting down on sugar and sodium and eliminating trans fats. To further encourage healthy eating, the company will also reduce prices on fresh fruit and vegetables. (LA Times)

• Starbucks unveiled a new time-saving app that lets customers pay by swiping their smart phone at the register. (The High Low)

Images of Christian Lacroix’s designs for Desigual via the Desigual Blog

• In one of the most unexpected collaborations yet, French haute couture designer Christian Lacroix has created a collection for Spanish fast fashion chain Desigual. Lacroix’s penchant for bright colors and clashing prints is a surprisingly perfect match for the store’s over-the-top aesthetic. (The Shophound)

• File under attention-getting stunts: During Berlin Fashion Week, designer Patrick Mohr sent models down the runway with their mouths glued shut. (StyleList)

• Justin Bieber is reportedly planning to open a store in Los Angeles dedicated to Bieber merchandise including lollipops, sneakers and skateboards. (Radar Online)