Weekly High Lows: Retail Jobs Rise, Ugg Hacked


• Brands like Starbucks and Pepsi are trying photo sharing app Instagram to engage with fans in a new way. (TechCrunch)

Photo via Starbucks/Instagram

• The holiday hiring craze is typically over by now, but this year, retail jobs keep popping up. (The High Low)

• AT&T’s iPhone monopoly is ending: Verizon will offer customers the option to order iPhone 4s early next month. (WSJ)

• The cost of food, gasoline and clothing will rise in 2011 — and inflation rates might be even worse in 2012. (WWD)

• In the same vein as the Slanket and the Snuggie, a baggy fleece jumpsuit for adults named the “Forever Lazy” has just hit the infomercial airwaves. (Slaves To Fashion)

• The Ugg Australia web site was breached by hackers, who may or may not have accessed shoppers’ information. Ugg sent a mailer out to its subscribers about the breach,  alerting them that their contact information may have been lifted. (Racked)

• The rise in financial infidelity: More than half of the respondents to a national survey about financial behavior admitted to hiding “minor purchases” from their spouses. (Reuters)