The Most Hated (and Loved) Credit Cards of 2010


Today, the New York Times looked at’s list of the best and worst credit cards of 2010, and found that the short-lived pre-paid Kardashian Kard was the “most hated” option released last year (note: after pulling out of the credit card deal, the Kardashian clan has been hit with a lawsuit).

Image via The Informer

Also slammed: First Premier MasterCard (which, at 79.99% A.P.R., had the highest interest rate out there), the Best Buy Reward Zone MasterCard (for “least disclosure”), and the Applied Bank Unsecured Visa Gold Card (for “most expensive way to rebuild credit”–also, the word “unsecured” doesn’t telegraph good vibes, does it?).

So which cards should you sign up for? If you’re interested in cash back, the winner of that category was Blue Cash from American Express. For miles, try Blue Sky from American Express. And for reward points, CardRatings recommends Chase Sapphire Card. The entire list of “bests” is here–and the “worsts” is here.