The 11 Weirdest Designer Sites on the Internet

On the whole, designer websites tend to leave much to be desired. Over-usage of flash, non-intuitive layouts, and lack of functionality are basically commonplace amongst the elite fashion houses of the Web.

Occasionally, though, you come across a designer site that’s not boring, messy, or convoluted — instead, it’s just plain weird. We’ve sat through countless tedious flash intros to bring you this list of the top 11 strangest and most bizarre sites out there. And while these may make you laugh, grimace, or slap your forehead and wonder “What the heck were they thinking?” it’s worth asking a more serious question about these Internet forays: Are these designers missing out on revenue, and maybe even alienating some customers, by embracing esotericism over functionality?

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Kooky Designer Sites

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  1. Sarkari Naukri

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