New Site Looks to Dominate Fashion News


Does the world really need another fashion news site? Yes, according to the folks at, which launched Monday.

A spring trends feature on FashionEtc

The site is a “one-stop-shop for fashion news,” according to fashion director Amina Akhtar (formerly of “There are so many sites covering fashion — we are cutting through the noise,” she told The High Low.

Launched by Michael Coady, a vet of WWD and W, and Charla Lawhon, formerly of InStyle, the site offers bloggy editorial content and magazine-like feature stories while also aggregating information from other sources. As Coady told the New York Post, “There are several [fashion/beauty sites] out there and certainly a lot of blogs, but no one is in a dominant position…We’re looking to become the largest fashion site in terms of visitors, and we’re looking to get there fairly quickly.”

It’s an aggressive stance — and we wonder what the staff at fashion portals like think of the newbie. FashionEtc certainly has a ton of content, both editorial and video, but we’re not sure what sets it apart from the pack yet. Come Fashion Week, we’ll be watching to see what the future holds.