Lash-Growing Serums Take Off As Next 'It' Thing

These days, women want longer eyelashes — and apparently they’re willing to risk some unsavory side effects to get them. Allergan, the company behind Botox, unveiled Latisse in 2009 to sales of $74 million (it generated “approximately $90 million” in 2010). Possible side effects of  the product include itchy eyes, eye redness and even your eyes changing colors.

When a product performs as well as Latisse, other businesses take notice. Case in point: Tons of beauty companies, from Dior to Urban Decay, are investing now in over-the-counter lash-growing products. The New York Times reports that “[t]here are at least 10, all introduced in the last year, that claim to make lashes look lengthier and fuller, from brands like L’Oréal and Peter Thomas Roth, ranging from $15 to $125.” More, including the Urban Decay product, a $7 serum from Wet N Wild and a liner from DuWop, will become available in the next few months.

Granted, the limitations of the human body make it pretty unlikely that any topical product (as opposed to a pill) will have all that much success in making your face produce longer eyelashes — and even Latisse was intended as a drug for hypotrichosis, a genetic condition in which no hair grows on the eyelid. Still, since when have details like that ever stopped the beauty industry?