How to Buy the Perfect Jeans Online


Buying women’s jeans online is, for most of us, unthinkable. The risk of a gaping waistband, months of nebulous return policies, or exorbitant shipping costs — it’s just too much for many traditional, go-to-the-store shoppers to face.

But, with a little bit of practice (and a keen eye for free-shipping promotion codes), any shopper can find her perfect denim right from her laptop.


1. Hone your purchasing powers.

Just as Nordstrom’s has its Half-Yearly Sale and Black Friday has its millions of sales, so do online retailers mark major shopping holidays that can lead to amazing savings. Big events like Green Monday and post-holiday sales generally offer deep online discounts and deals like free shipping that will eliminate any last-minute fears of shipping and handling rip offs.

Bookmark discount sites like and for online coupon codes on the latest trends and styles — before you make any purchase, check to see if there’s a discount code that you can use for additional savings.

Also, sign up for emails from your top three favorite brands or stores to take advantage of exclusive web deals. (Note: there is a reason you should only sign up for three newsletters to start. Any more than that and you’ll wake up to an Inbox inundated with deals, tips, and offers.)

2. Know your body, and your size.

We all know the truth: jeans don’t typically fit the same way they look on models. Denim fit-finders exist to give you an idea of overall styling aesthetic – it’s up to you to use your imagination and years of jeans-wearing experience to figure out how your body will look in each pair.

  • Don’t be afraid to grab a tape measure and consult a brand’s sizing chart to help determine if they have a unique idea of what constitues an 8 or a 10.
  • Consider how you fit in different styles of jeans. You might like to drop a size in super-slouchy boyfriend jeans, or seek a little more breathing room on ultra-low rise waistbands. These nuances will tend to remain true from brand to brand.

Still nervous to click the Buy button? Pick up the phone and call a customer service rep to ask their advice. They will guide you to a decision based on their own experiences, as well as those of other customers.

3. Read the reviews.

E-commerce sites want the buying process to be as easy as possible for their customers. That’s why many feature user feedback and product reviews on their site – so you can be as close as possible to positive that you are buying a product you will love.

Read these reviews and you could find an overall consensus on fit and styling – maybe a certain style runs really tight, or the dark wash doesn’t look as stylish as it did on your computer.  If a brand’s web site doesn’t feature reviews, check out sites like and Zappos to see if they carry the item, or do a quick Google search for the brand + style + fit.

4. Indulge in a try-on spree!

If you have one or two bad experiences, don’t abandon retail shopping completely. New trends bring new fits and the fashionista in you could be fed by new opportunities for stylish bargains. Go on a spree dedicated just to trying things on (and maybe buying one or two items as well). You will want to know just where those new ’70s style flares will fall, or just how long you need your stirrup jeans to be.

5. Shop what you know.

Don’t fit into a universal size 6? Don’t worry – no one does. As you begin your foray into online shopping, stick to your brands — the ones you know fit and you know you already love. If your go-to Lola skinny jeans are fading, buying the exact same pair online saves you a trip to the mall and you know exactly what you’re getting. Better yet: chances are your favorite brand will be consistent in their sizing. A size 6 will always be a size 6 in that brand, even if it’s a totally different size elsewhere.