Holiday E-Commerce A Windfall For Google


Count Google among the companies that benefited from last month’s holiday shopping spree. The corporation’s revenue was up 17% from last year, thanks in part to an increase in e-commerce. More shopping searches on Google meant more  competition for keywords among advertisers, driving up prices.

Google senior vice president Jonathan Rosenberg revealed that, “the winners of 2010 were Google’s display advertising business, which now has two million publishers; YouTube, where revenue doubled; businesses that have begun using Google products; and Android, with 300,000 phones activated a day.”

Mobile is a seriously fast-growing source of revenue for Google at this point. Rosenberg said that that web searches via Android had grown tenfold in 2010.

Google’s future plans include a focus on mobile commerce and “products that allow people to access local information.” We assume that Google Offers, a Groupon-like service that’s being tested right now, is part of this mobile strategy.

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