Gap Bets Big on Everyone Wearing Flares This Year


In September, we blogged about how the denim industry is trying to reintroduce flares as the new “it style.” Skinnies have ruled the market for years–will the ’70s classic really make a comeback?

Models Jac Jagaciak and Anja Rubik pose in Gap’s flared styles. Images via Denimology.

Gap is betting it will…big. Blog Denimology just posted images of the retailer’s spring/summer denim campaign, which hinges on the bell silhouette. Gap’s executive vice president of global design, Patrick Robinson, told Racked that “the new fit of the season for women’s denim is the wide-leg high-waisted flare.” Putting its money where its mouth is, Gap is offering multiple versions, including a pintucked style with a very high rise.


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