A Guide to Wearing Jeans at Work


Slipping into a pair of jeans often marks the beginning of a low-key weekend or an end-of-day happy hour (often conveniently located on your sofa). But if you’re lucky enough to have Casual Friday on your calendar (or work in a casual office environment), those jeans of yours can get far more play time.

Three Ways to Wear Jeans at Work

1.  With heels. Everything is fancier on a pedestal. Wear heels that complement the jean style and wash to provide an instantly dressier look. Don’t underestimate the power of the right heel. Achieve a subtle look by pairing pumps with simple boot cut jeans and ballet flats with trousers. Try neutral colors or high heel boots to avoid the assumption that you’re going clubbing on your lunch break.

2.     With a structured blazer. Take a lesson from a few of those famous people: there is a reason paparazzi are shooting photos of Kim Kardashian while she’s getting a cup of Joe. Jeans look great with a blazer. Try pairing darker denim with a tailored women’s blazer in tweed, wool or plaid for a particularly classic look.

3. Find the appropriate fit. Unless you’re laying down some freestyle rap tracks, leave the baggy jeans to the performers. A perfect fitting jean should contour comfortably over your shape without telling people what you have in your pockets. Try bootcut or flare cuts if you have bigger curves, and straight leg or skinny to create greater curves if you want them.

You’re the best judge of whether or not jeans fit in your conference room, but with a few adjustments jeans can really be a corporate fit. Casual Fridays just got a lot more fun.

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