Would You Buy a Diamond on Your Phone?


Mobile sales have skyrocketed recently–and consumers are buying everything from clothes to big-ticket items like engagement rings via smartphones and tablets. Yes, engagement rings: Blue Nile, an e-commerce site that specializes in diamond rings and other fine jewelry, saw its mobile sales increase 500% this year.

Engagement rings from Blue Nile

Blue Nile chairman Mark Vadon told Yahoo! Finance that he was “stunned” by how well the company’s iPhone and iPad apps were performing, revealing that, “since the launch in late September, Blue Nile has had over 100,000 downloads of its iPad application from over 90 countries and ‘multiple transactions above $50,000′ conducted via iPhones.”

Here’s a stat that should convince other retailers to release their own iPad apps: Vadon told CNBC that “iPad shoppers spend about 62 percent more than a traditional Web shopper.” Mobile may still be a small market compared to online, but it is one that is growing remarkably fast.

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