Soon All Shopping Will Be Done on Smart Phones


Or so it seems these days. From retailers to advertisers, companies are increasingly interested in reaching customers via smart phones, and for good reason — mobile shopping, which only a year ago was regarded as very small segment of the marketplace, exploded this year. According to ABI Research, mobile “purchases in the US…[have] more than doubled to reach $3.4bn in 2010 compared to $1.4bn in 2009.”

Dove Men + Care ads for Apple’s iAd network. Screengrab via

It’s also been predicted that in the next few years, “half of Americans’ web browsing will be done on mobile devices.” Advertisers will be ready to target them: Market research firm Berg Insight reports that by the year 2015, “3.4 percent of the total global ad spend for all media” will be dedicated to mobile. An analyst for Berg stated that, “Handsets are extremely personal devices which people tend to always have within reach and most often switched on. This enables marketing opportunities which other channels lack. Brands…have to establish mobile strategies in order to spend wisely and capitalize on the potential the channel brings.” Earlier this month, we took to the streets of New York City to find out how people thought mobile ads could be improved; many thought that ads should be larger and more targeted.

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