Seventeen Launches New iPad App


Joining the ranks of Glamour and Marie Claire, fashion magazine Seventeen announced yesterday that it is releasing its first app for the iPad.

The application, which retails for $2.99/month and is supposedly available now through the iTunes store (though we have yet to locate it), is community- and style-focused. From the press release, “The mission of the app is to replicate the fun of reading the magazine with your best friend and to allow girls to engage with each other with Seventeen at the center of the conversation…The reader becomes the star of the magazine — girls can access customized beauty content with a click to find the right shade of makeup for their skin tone, the best product for their hair and styling tricks for their shape and sizes.”

The app will allow readers to share content via social networks like Facebook and Twitter; users can also leave comments and ask questions to be answered by “experts, editors, or other readers.” It’s a smart move by Seventeen: Though it’s hard to measure just how many teens own and/or use iPads, Yahoo! found that the device was especially popular among women. Released last year, the Seventeen iPhone shopping app has been downloaded more than one million times.

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