Green Monday: The Next Big Web-Shopping Holiday

Green Monday

December 13th will mark Green Monday, the next major web shopping day of the holiday season and the last one before Ye Olde Eve of Christmas. Just as shoppers flocked to their keyboards to snatch up all the Cyber Monday deals, retailers can expect a similar surge in sales based off Google’s holiday shopping trends from 2009.

Originally coined as eBay’s best online sales day in December back in 2006, Green Monday marks the end of many online free shipping deals, which typically occur two weeks before Christmas. According to comScore, 2009′s Green Monday (December 14) and the following Tuesday (December 15) marked over 1.7 billion dollars in online sales, the largest two-day swing of last year’s online shopping season.

So are there any worthwhile Green Monday Deals?

With the Christmas countdown on their side, retailers are staying tight lipped about their online sales this December. Traditionally Green Monday isn’t known for the same online savings as Cyber Monday because last minute shoppers only need the free shipping incentive, but this year AOL Shopping reports that jeans are a hot item to pick up during your Green Monday shopping frenzy.

While you might be able to find the hottest jeans for women marked down 20-30% at the end of November, expect to find even bigger denim deals marked down around 50% later in December, says AOL writer Meg Massie.