Forbes Ranks America's Top Shopping Cities…


…and the list is surprising. At the top is Houston (no 1.), Dallas (no 2.) and Baltimore (no 3.). To compile the rankings, Forbes looked at, “the number of major shopping centers (as provided by Esri from the U.S. Directory of Major Malls), retail locations (U.S. Census), the Consumer Price Index (BLS data) and combined sales tax for each city.” Houston made the top of the list due to its 16,938 retail locations, 54 shopping centers and 8.25% sales tax. New York City, with its 75,619 retail locations, 9 shopping centers and 8.88% sales tax, came in at 22.

Debate is already stirring in the comments, with a few readers taking issue with the way that Forbes named their findings. One wrote, “It’s true that the cities on this list have more shopping centers, square footage and less sales tax but do they offer shoppers more variety, higher quality items, and access to endless international goods? I think not, and that is why you can’t call this list the 25 best shopping cities.”

What do you think of the list? Do you feel that fashion hubs like New York City and L.A. should rank as they do?