BMW Experiments With An Eye-Searing Ad

Whether its a clever jingle or an instantly-recognizable logo, advertisers want their message to stick in your head. BMW is taking this idea and making it reality with a new brand experience rolled out in movie theaters in Germany. As 5 Blogs Before Lunch writes, BMW “is literally getting into consumers’ heads, by ‘harmlessly’ burning its logo onto the insides of their eyes.”

Here’s how it works: Theater viewers watch a video ad (embedded above) that features a bright flash of light. At the end of the ad, they are instructed to close their eyes. Users then see an “after image” of the letters “BMW”–letters that had been temporarily imprinted on their eyes during the photo flash. A BMW spokesperson told AdAge that the advertising was harmless. It’s certainly novel. Does this strike you as cool and innovative, or scary and possibly a threat to your health?

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