What Will Shoppers Buy on Black Friday?


Black Friday is still weeks away, but excited consumers are already hashing out plans of action. According to data gathered by Yahoo!, searches for “Black Friday sales” are up 272% this week.

So what will all these eager consumers buy? A survey by BlackFriday.com found that shoppers were primarily interested in iPads, Kindles, iPhones, and 3D TVs, among other electronics — results supported by stats reported on Google’s Retail Blog — and that a majority of respondents believed that this Black Friday would supersede last year’s in sales.

Big retailers like Target and Wal-Mart are smartly pinning their hopes on gadget sales. Target’s 64-page Black Friday circular, which was just leaked, contains savings on HDTVs, Wiis, and digital cameras; the retailer is also offering gift cards with purchase of iPods and iPhones (pictured, a scan from the catalog from TFTS).

Wal-Mart, also aware of the trend in consumer behavior, kicked off the holiday shopping frenzy last weekend with a sale named “The Amazing Walmart Electronics Event.” The retailer marked down TVs and laptops, and offered a $50 iTunes gift card for $50. Both Wal-Mart and Target are also hoping for strong sales of iPads and Kindles. All in all, it sounds like there will be plenty to get up at 3am for–and that a ton of people will be taking advantage of deals both in-store and online this year.