Tim Gunn: Does Fashion Really Need Europe?

In Part 3 of our exclusive Q&A, Tim Gunn asks Liz Claiborne designer Susanna Moyer a provocative question: Does the fashion industry really need to go to Europe? The two also get personal about Moyer’s journey from penniless student to top fashion exec.

To see Parts 1 and 2 of this interview, click here.

[Disclosure: Tim Gunn and Susanna Moyer both work for Liz Claiborne Inc., the financial sponsor of this site]

2 Responses to “Tim Gunn: Does Fashion Really Need Europe?”

  1. kanani

    Do we need to go to Europe? Well in a sense, if (and naturally, living here, I do) one looks at California –what is Asian/European/American/Central and South American is all becoming very blurred. What I find –despite differences in political views and lifestyles, is the world consistently comes to us. While it is “trendy” to downplay American culture, style and tastes, that’s an old point of view and really gives short shrift to our own history of innovation.

    Whether or not we want to partake in the historical and cultural aspects that makes Europe such a rich resource is to our benefit. But we can gain a lot from looking at other world cultures as well, see how we’ve folded them into our own American style, and take it from there.

    I find the footnote of the JC Penney scholar history invaluable. Drive, vision and hard work will get you many places. Especially in America! How lucky we are to have so much. Well done, Susanna!


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