QVC Dominates TV, Works to Find Niche Online


To televised home shopping company QVC, the Internet is still fairly new ground. The company, which was founded in 1986, has only recently embraced e-commerce — yet already, Web sales account for more than 30% of their revenue stateside.

The New York Times spoke recently with QVC chief executive Michael George, who said that “60% of QVC’s new customers in the United States buy on the Internet or mobile devices. Of those, more than half are buying products that have not been shown on TV recently, or at all.”

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The internet is obviously a growth area for QVC, but its tried-and-true folksy approach to selling — which works so well on TV — doesn’t really translate to the Web. Television shoppers seem to be a more loyal audience as well. Reports the Times, “Ninety-five percent of QVC’s revenue comes from existing customers” and “online shoppers…tend to be more interested in the best price than in staying loyal to brands like QVC.”

Left, K-Dash by Kardashian leather hobo, $271. Right, Rachel Zoe faux fur vest, $79.80.

Still, the company is pursuing a range of digital avenues, from e-commerce to apps for the iPad, the iPhone, BlackBerry, and Droid. Also helping their reach online: lines from social-media-connected reality TV catnip The Kardashians and big-name stylist Rachel Zoe.

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