Polo's 4-D Anniversary Extravaganza


The 3-D craze? Fuggedaboutit. Tonight, Polo Ralph Lauren plans to top them all with a 4-D spectacle in New York City and London, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its wildly successful e-commerce site.

The eight-minute-long light show will take place at 8pm on both Madison Avenue and London’s New Bond Street. Polo expects over 1,000 people to witness the Madison Avenue show, and has closed off two lanes of traffic in preparation.

According to WWD, pedestrians should prepare to witness the Polo Ralph Lauren building disappear, be rebuilt, and open up to reveal four-story-tall models walking a runway show across the building.

Highlights will also include Big Pony fragrances showering perfume onto the audience, and a lifelike hologram of Ralph Lauren. Warning: Small children may be terrified by such a large, and probably very tan, representation of the designer.

“We invested our talent to make a statement about how fashion can be a leader in technology as well,” said the retailer’s senior VP of advertising, marketing and corporation communication, David Lauren.

This technology might have more significance than just being a gimmick — it has the potential to change the way wee see our favorite stores and designers on the street, ushering in a new era of branding that looks like a scene out of Minority Report. Lauren explained to Style File, “The holograms we’ve been seeing in movies for ages are finally real. The designer will no longer just be in pages of ads, he’ll be leaning out the store window and answering questions.”

Though the overall cost of this presentation has not been revealed, Polo definitely has money to throw around on new technology: last year, the site had $205 million in U.S. sales.

Still, not to spoil all the fun, but we had to ask: shouldn’t all (or at least some) of that dough go to upgrades and improvements on the web site? After all, if all those shoppers are concentrating on the web, who will be paying attention to a street show?