NBC Launches Local Shopping, Food Sites

This week, NBC launched The Feast, a portal covering food, drink, and shopping in 11 areas: Boston, Chicago, Connecticut, Dallas/Ft Worth, LA, NYC, Miami, Philly, San Francisco, D.C., and San Diego. The site is unique in a few ways: The editors have developed a tool named The Feast Rank, which they describe as a “real-time, meta-ranking system” to evaluate stores, restaurants, and bars. They’re also using blog formats to integrate content from a variety of outside sources in addition to their own content. Other top blogs, publications, and e-newsletters like Daily Candy specific to each area are included, as are Twitter streams.

A feast video featuring Jenna Lyons of J.Crew

Feast is also putting a premium on video, offering interviews and clips with designers, chefs, comedians, and more (all of which makes sense, given their parent company). The site allows for plenty of user customization — in a Tumbler-like way, you can follow only the writers or publications you’d like, or you can choose to see the entire stream.

While it will be hard for the site to distinguish itself in blog-saturated cities like New York and L.A., it’s pretty much already got a market hold on lesser-covered areas like San Diego and Dallas/Ft. Worth. We’ll be watching to see just how much of a resource the site will become for shoppers in each local market.