Award for Best Halloween Marketing Goes to…Sears!


Halloween is this Sunday, and stores are gearing up to sell, sell, sell. In anticipation, plenty of brands from Target to Disney have been gearing their marketing toward the holiday. But by far the most creative (and effective) campaign by a retailer is Sears’ promotional, zombie-fied web site.

Sears may not be the first in line when you think of hip, on-trend retailers, but this site is an amazing piece of work. From “brains be gone” dishwashers to a Zombie Shopper social-networking personal shopping application, the retailer has gone above and beyond to win over the younger, Web-savvy, pro-irony consumer base.

The Zombie web campaign appears to be a continuation of Sears’ ongoing attempt to boost online sales — and these attempts are working: since its 2009 announcement of a new focus on e-commerce, the Sears web site has been consistently ranked as a top money-maker.

The department store also created an accompanying Twitter account, which includes trend alerts (“ripped clothes are going to be BIG this season”) and Twitpics of zombies trying on clothing in Sears dressing rooms. With only 74 tweets since September 22, it has already racked up 661 followers.

Thankfully, even consumers who aren’t quite as digitally inclined (which, based on past sales demographics, is likely the bulk of Sears customers) won’t miss out on this gory campaign – promotional television commercials began airing last week.