Are Teens Taking Over the Fashion World?


Fashion has always been obsessed with youth — designers look to street style for inspiration and routinely hire models that aren’t even old enough to vote. But recently, the industry has been seriously ramping up its attention to teens — specifically, teen influencers who have enough Internet clout to drive attention to a brand.

Still-in-school fashion bloggers like Tavi of Style Rookie, Jane of Sea of Shoes, and Camille of Childhood Flames were sitting front row during Fashion Week and working on partnerships with companies like Urban Outfitters and Barneys.

Looks from Material Girl for Macy’s. Left, shredded leggings, $16.99. Photos via

Young designers are also gaining significant attention — Madonna’s daughter Lourdes is the creative mind behind the new line), while Lady Gaga employs the talents of an 18-year-old Brit named Rhiannon who designs under the name Bolshie.

It’s no accident that the industry is turning its focus toward teens — their growing buying power is providing a lone bright spot for retailers, particularly as more twenty- and thirty-something shoppers are clamping down on their pocketbooks and watching their 401Ks. Expect to see more teen icons starring in ad campaigns and “designing” collections — like Justin Beiber, whose nail polish line with OPI (yes, he has a nail polish line) debuts this December.