Kmart: New Fashion Source for Women and Teens?


Behind-the-scenes photos of Kmart’s newest ad campaign shoot via the Kmart Flickr Stream

Kmart, the brand synonymous with low-priced, mass-market retail, is newly focused on style. Over the past year, the store has retooled their previously-dowdy women’s clothes and accessories to fit a more stylish and urbane consumer.

Nowhere is this rebranding effort more evident than in an ad campaign released in August that showcased a very hip lineup of on-trend looks that included military-inspired jackets paired with distressed boyfriend jeans and slimmed down cargos worn with a lace-adorned t-shirts and rockerish leather and chain bracelets.

“We’ve been upping the fashion,” says a spokesperson for the chain, who attributed the change to a shift in leadership — specifically, to a fairly new executive vice president, John Goodman, who has returned to Kmart and parent company Sears after a stint at teen fashion powerhouse Charlotte Russe. “In the past year,” the spokesperson told us, “with the addition of national brands, we’ve been able to strengthen and compliment our existing portfolio.”

Those brands, like Bongo, who has reality TV star Audrina Patridge as its face, Dream Out Loud by Selena Gomez, and Rebecca Bon Bon, the canine cousin of Hello Kitty, have huge teen appeal.

Kmart is also shifting focus toward its digital presence with another new hire, Razorfish executive David Friedman, who will take his post as head of marketing for both Sears and Kmart on September 13.

In addition to the changes in their clothing lineup, the brand has also launched two new Web sites: Kmart Design, which showcases some of the creatives at the company, and blog/social networking hub Style Sip.

It’s a good start, but the team at Kmart still has a lot of work to do if they want to compete with fellow low-price retailers like Target, which has become well-known for offering high design from big names at affordable prices. As the Kmart brand continues to update its fashion offerings, a complete Web site overhaul would be a great next step. Kmart does have price on its side, though — that chic military-inspired jacket we referenced above is currently retailing for only $17.49.

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  1. Diallo

    I want to get my husband a mgnaetic tray from Sears that hold small screws and such while you are working on a project. As an aside, the Target website (and I guess the stores) have the most fun group of gift cards. The one I got acts as a remote control for a little Christmas mouse that comes with it. Another is a music player that you can record a message on. AND you pay nothing extra!! There is a $1.95 shipping charge to each address (I bought 4 all sent to me, still just $1.95) I can’t believe I haven’t heard of these before. I bet they sell out soon. Jane ([email protected])


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