Gucci Launches Amazing, Interactive Web Site

After 18 months of anticipation, the house of Gucci has finally relaunched its Web site. The final product marks the most advanced Web site a luxury brand has ever created, offering consumers a new level of interactivity and insight into the brand.

Gucci has joined other fashion houses like Burberry and Ralph Lauren in livestreaming their runway shows. But the luxury giant took it a step further, combining real life with virtual life, so that livestream subscribers receiveda digital invitation to the Sept. 22 Spring 2011 show along with a virtual front row seat. In other words, fashionistas could watch the show via webcam, Twitter, Facebook or live chat on the Gucci site.

But Gucci didn’t stop there – it also added Twitter and Facebook integration, message visuals and multiple view features to its site. Viewers could click through the show as it happens, posting reactions onto their Facebook profiles or sending links to looks through their Twitter feeds.

Click on the “discover the new digital flagship” link on the bottom right corner of the site, and you’ll find a short Youtube-esque video that offers a complete guide to Gucci’s new Internet home. You’ll see a pretty impressive collection of features, including “enhanced navigation,” “cinematic imagery” and an overall “multifaceted brand experience.” Fun additions include peeks into the lives of the Gucci family, behind-the-scenes looks on how products are made, and social-networking integration tools that allow shoppers to share favorite Gucci looks with friends.

The company has high hopes that this e-commerce project will be successful in driving sales, even to the point of eclipsing stores: “The destiny of the digital flagship store is that it will become our highest-volume store in the world,” said Gucci president and CEO Patrizio di Marco. So far, the features have catapulted Gucci to a new level of digital marketing, creating a new brand strategy that connects directly with consumers on a level of depth previously unheard of in the luxury market.