The In Site: Runaway Now


Runaway Now has the tagline: Travel for people like us. Those people like us include New Zealand fashion designer Karen Walker, photographer Derek Henderson and entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson. Deana Bianco, 29, edits Runaway Now from Brooklyn, New York.

The beginning The idea was brought up casually at a dinner party at Karen Walker’s house in Auckland. Karen wanted to do a travel site with her friends in fashion. Everyone gathered up their friends and RunawayNow was born.

People like us: I feel people-like-us is anyone who doesn’t want to follow a mundane travel book to tell them where to go and dine. We try to go off the beaten path and have a sense of taste and style with our choices and destinations.

Most surreal moment: When I received Sir Richard Branson’s article to edit. I thought to myself, wow, I guess we might be kind of important if he’s a contributor.

Travel and fashion: There’s a sort of elegance that has been lost in travel. Back in the day, women would dress up when they traveled. It was a big deal! Now that I’m the editor of a travel site I’m more conscious of exactly where I go and how I look. I want to walk around cobblestone streets like Bridget Bardot in a pencil skirt rather than frumping about.

Holiday chums: People are die-hard fans of [fashion writer] Marion Hume and Karen Walker. But I get emails about all the contributors. People just want to read about other people’s excursions so that they feel like they are there themselves.

Lift off: I’m keen on more contributors and maybe even making Runaway Now into a book.  You can tell a lot about a person from their travel habits. As Kerouac said, ‘The road is life’.

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